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Sword, Knife or Right

Why Every Man Should Carry a Knife OR consider reading this: ‘why young men carry …’[...]

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OUR Heritage

Spruce, pine and fir … The structure within our walls and the trees standing tall in our forests. Cherry, oak and maple … The fibre on our floors and the canopy casting shadow in our fields. Sand, clay and stone[...]

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Kingston Penitentiary & the Portsmouth Olympic Harbour

Dear Graham (Planning Partnership) I just returned from a wonderful visit to Kingston. It has changed so much since I was there last. As you may not know, I grew up on Garden Island in the summer here, I have[...]

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The Future of Architecture and your New home

TED Talk on Architecture worth seeing: Watch the video of Marc Kushner “Architecture is not about math or zoning — it’s about visceral emotions,” says Marc Kushner. In a sweeping — often funny — talk, he zooms through the past thirty[...]

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Gutenberg Galaxy

“MyGutenbergGalaxy onBookchair” by MihalOrela – Own work. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons. In a world far far away, we find home… WIKI: Movable type, with its ability to reproduce texts accurately and swiftly, extended the drive toward[...]

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Community Smart Growth

“Ontarians deserve a predictable, fair and transparent system guiding how their communities will grow. These proposals empower our cities and towns to better determine how neighbourhoods are shaped.” Ted McMeekin Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Smart growth – OR – All in[...]

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sustain vs change

why is anomaly so ‘cute‘? why should anomaly prevail? if nothing else, then that in hand will suffice. in our hands all things may be equal – from those same hands, atrocities fail us. nature finds another balance as a[...]

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Do It Yourself – Home Design

Would you like help designing your own home? I can help you define your desires… at least, those directed towards your abode – your home. If it’s not right, if your home needs change, alteration or just a ‘face lift’,[...]

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Look closely at your desires and your ‘favourites’ – as they define you – or so we are told. If it’s a question of ‘good taste’, maybe we should question respectively, what are we tasting – sampling? A great article[...]

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Your house, our street – the earth

… So it’s not just about the stories or the images, but for chapters, forms, paragraphs, contrasts, sentences, textures, words, colours, letters, pigments; but for ideas, emotion, commitment, content & relevance. The author and artist will compose the elements, in[...]

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