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Bricks & Mortar

What $1 million used to buy in Toronto What is the true  – real – price of a home? The value it sold for or the value you paid for… relative to market, quality or need? Relative to the cost of the materials[...]

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Do It Yourself – Home Design

Would you like help designing your own home? I can help you define your desires… at least, those directed towards your abode – your home. If it’s not right, if your home needs change, alteration or just a ‘face lift’,[...]

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Look closely at your desires and your ‘favourites’ – as they define you – or so we are told. If it’s a question of ‘good taste’, maybe we should question respectively, what are we tasting – sampling? A great article[...]

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Rising young Stars on the horizon of my world – James E. Hill … Check out “The River” by Autobahn: James Hill, Jeff LaRochelle & Ian Wright… magical musical rendition. This is a profound partnership of like minds and talents[...]

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‘Organic’ swimming pool

Consider a backyard pool without chlorine and with a little organic matter… This winter, consider something new for summer cooling – not air conditioning.  [...]

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Your house, our street – the earth

… So it’s not just about the stories or the images, but for chapters, forms, paragraphs, contrasts, sentences, textures, words, colours, letters, pigments; but for ideas, emotion, commitment, content & relevance. The author and artist will compose the elements, in[...]

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Zen Pencils

If you haven’t found this site for inspiration yet – pls check it out! It’s ‘zen‘ by Gavin Aung Than Similar to the service I offer, Home Design consultation and drawing, this is about putting an others, your, words[...]

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Safdie – Building Uniqueness

A man I most revere has offered many contributions to our social landscape – I think his TED talk on how to create ‘building uniqueness’ is worth watching. For planners, developers, owners and ‘designers’ – those practising architecture! If you[...]

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