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Municipal Links

The first step to building is Municipal approvals; to discover what local limits and restrictions, if any, apply to your site and the process required to obtain approvals. Please use these links or discover your own relevant authorities. I too can help you through these stages of development…

Trade Links

My intent is to help you in all aspects of the development process in home building. As your design plan develops you will have documents you can use as the basis for discussion with professionals and friends about the process and the help you will need from them in the early stages. Once your construction plans are complete, these plans will be the basis for your contracts with other authorities.

Keep in mind your ‘new home’ construction is truly an exhibit of the experience and abilities of many skilled professionals. I recommend these associates and links in the home building and design professions.


Patrick Powers Construction

Mark Peabody Custom Builder

RorDan Building Solutions

Michael Sheedy Carpenter & Builder

Saraka Homes Limited


McNeely Engineering Limited

Pelow Engineering

Josselyn Engineering Inc


CAA – Archaeologists

CAHP – Heritage Consultants