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I think in images, design on paper and build with words & pictures - I render what's needed

“We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are”Anais Nin


Please consider these elements in design:

Comfort – relief, security, relaxation and well-being

Utility – usefulness, convenience, service and function

Quality – condition, excellence, feature and value

Style – appearance, elegance, character and suitability

Consider that often what we need is not what we’re looking for but what we notice we don’t have. Sometimes, what I need is not evident simply because I don’t have it or I don’t know that I need it! We can find what we’re looking for in the most unexpected places. So keep looking and enjoy learning… I would like to help you to discover what you may need to change your world.

Some rather remarkable people and places have helped me discover opportunity beyond my own understanding.

I invite you to consider what inspires change in your life and how you may wish to process that change in your home. Please continue to explore this site and some of my posts and consider contacting me about your home. I look forward to an opportunity to influence change and offer my experience and passion for architecture.

“If you don’t create your reality, your reality will create you”L. West

For more information about me and the services I offer, please explore my site or contact me to arrange to meet.

I have discovered that often what I look for is not always what I need.