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making a life

In Testimonials, Uncategorized On October 26, 2016

While living my experience of a life, creating memorable moments,
Of pleasure and purpose, of passion and pain.
I wonder whether to gather a record greater than memory,
To offer to the world outside my being, what I have to gain!

Looking to see, stopping to hear and seeking to feel, wonders of our world.

I wonder what world there is outside my being…
If that which I share is for making rather than seeing.
If that which I share is for taking rather than giving.
If that which I share is for teaching rather than learning.

I wonder what life is without the ability to share.
Not to measure depth by what or where;
To measure value, quality and worth,
By simply being the being I am meant to be, on earth.

When is now; is it for who or is it why?

To live and to die – to give and to take.
Life is what I can do and what I can make!
Life is, what is and with whom I share it?
To give and to take, do I dare it?

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