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Point Crescent

We found Sherman very easy to work with as he is open to dialogue

Point Crescent

In Testimonials On May 29, 2014

The first time Sherman came to see us about renovating and re-utilizing existing space he asked me if I had any visions. We had been in the house for a year and with three children felt a little cramped with 800 sq. feet of living space. So obviously I had thought about it a lot!

We needed at least one other bedroom, as all three children were in the same room. We could use a second bathroom, a larger kitchen (the galley kitchen was great for one person only) and a larger front entrance with a closet. The original front entrance was a total of 3×3 sq. ft.

What we did have, was a garage that went from the front to the back of the house, originally used to get boats through. We also had a lot of yard space with a great view of the lake.

I am a big proponent on small footprints so I wanted to utilize the existing space as much as we could, keeping things such as heating, repairs and tax cost down to a minimum.

My idea was to get rid of the garage, using it as one big kitchen/dining room; add more windows to  let in natural light, and use part of the galley kitchen for the new front entrance.

That was phase one of our plan; After that Sherman was able to add phase two (  two bedrooms, a new two part bathroom and a front entrance with a closet) He was able to to do the add on with the end result looking like it was never an add on. The flow is perfect and the house feels huge even though we are still at 1800 sq ft.

We found Sherman very easy to work with as he is open to dialogue. He will listen to ideas and diplomatically say why they will or will not work. I found myself changing my mind about things as they came up and he was very patient and accommodating. He was more than capable of switching gears when needed

In the end we have a beautiful home to suit all of our needs.We have more than enough room for everyone, the bank of windows on the lakeside opens the house up to bring the outside in, making it feel twice s big as it is.


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