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Renda Street

Creating a "great" room

Renda Street

In Testimonials On July 22, 2014

Our 3-level side-split is in a very nice neighborhood. We wanted to improve our family living space but did not want to move to a big/monster home because we liked where we were and did not like the notion of an oversized home.

Sherman talked to us about many options and together we came to the conclusion that we wanted essentially a “great” room: kitchen/dining/family room where the family could be together in one nice open space for cooking, eating, relaxing and fun.

Our current home had a small kitchen, dining and living room, where the family room was separate from the kitchen. Some folks prefer to have a separate dining room but we decided we would forgo the traditional intimate dining room for the openness and integration features of a great room.

Sherman gave us many different plans involving different layouts and structural designs so we could see what could be done at different cost levels.

This was extremely helpful and made us very happy that we could choose the plan that we would be most comfortable with.

As the photos show, the transformation of our modest home was exciting and very impressive. We like to say that we now have a big beautiful great room in a comfortable modest home. A wonderful combination that we are extremely happy with. Having lived with this new great room for 10 years, we can say that our quiet time and fun time with family and friends has been enhanced in so many ways that we could not have imagined. We still find ourselves commenting on how happy we were that we had Sherman design this great room for us. I would not have done anything differently.


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