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Services offered to help you

The Stages of Design, Planning and Development in Home Building


You’re building your Dream: our conversation starts with challenges, expectations and rewards.

Your building: design requirements ● limitations ● restrictions and opportunities ● estimates & evaluations ● budgets and choices ● construction professionals ● performance and schedules ● project & site management ● contracts and engineering ● municipal review and liability ● your comfort, occupation and your peace of mind!


How can I help you?

It depends on what type and stage of development you’re in and where you’re coming from, in order to know where you are going, what’s to be done and what I can do to get you there!

My intent is to help you, on an established budget, realize the creation of new and improved personal spaces in your built environment. Whether for your home or an investment, I can help you with the process to make it work. Together we can make your house a home.

The Scope of my work and experience includes:

● Complimentary Site meetings (Kingston area) to establish a context for work to be provided
● Comprehensive site review & evaluation; including building measurement, photos & data collection (a property survey or listing is helpful if you have it); zoning review and assessment
● Concept development, design consultation & conversations to explore options and opportunities; building review of site conditions and your requirements & specifications
● Architectural Design, Drawing & Documentation for various pre-approvals from municipal Planning and Building authorities required for construction and development
● On-site & Off-Site meetings & consultations as required to complete my obligations
● Representation on Municipal Applications for various levels of planning approval
● Construction Drawing & Qualified Design Review according to the Ontario Building Code requirements; Design Services and Registration for New Home Building as governed by the Ontario Government
● Construction contract tender documents & consultations (re: permit application & building contract reviews); trades relation support and referrals
● Construction consultation & site review to support project implementation and contracting as required
● Architectural illustrations & renderings to enhance and convey the changes proposed and promote the art of architecture



I offer onsite Design Consultation at an hourly rate between the hours of 9:00 to 5:00 Monday to Friday. Consultations may be provided beyond these times on a prearranged basis.

I offer custom contracts evaluated based on an established scope of work summary, your construction requirements and the development proposal. Our contracts are for work as outlined in summary and/or jointly agreed upon in person. Our contract fees are based on my work, experience and an estimated hourly rate, plus my expenses to provide these services on site and online! To save our planet and keep me in business!

A non-refundable deposit is due prior to the start of my work as agreed. A schedule will be established and will be adhered to, to complete the work as planned. Various approvals will be required throughout the duration of the contract in order to maintain an approved schedule.